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Jeff Finley is one of three partners at Go Media. An Ohio native, he has a background in illustration and cg animation and has a passion for marketing, social media, and building communities around brands. He’s also founder of Weapons of Mass Creation Fest, a premiere art/design/music event in the midwest taking place in Cleveland every year. He’s been designing professionally since 2004 and got his start working with punk rock bands and indie clothing brands. Jeff was one of the original members of the t-shirt design community Emptees and won t-shirt of the year in 2007 and he’s written an ebook about how to become a legendary t-shirt designer.

When not designing, he focuses his energy on non-traditional marketing techniques and social media. Through this passion, he helped land his keyboard playing friend a gig on Jimmy Kimmel Live in 2006 through a viral video on Youtube. He’s the primary author on the design blog GoMediaZine blog which is read by over 20,000 subscribers. He believes that branding and marketing should be real and human, not sneaky and fake.

By night, Jeff’s a husband, homeowner, and aspiring bboy. When not practicing his breakdancing moves in his basement or feeding his two rabbits, he’s either playing drums in his band Parachute Journalists or watching foreign, independent, and documentary films with his wife Kim. He and his wife are strong advocates of living a substance free life without drugs or alcohol.

Speaking Engagement Resume

  • Art Institute of Pittsburgh
  • Cleveland Web Standards Association
  • Weapons of Mass Creation Fest 2010
  • Positive Space 2010
  • Cleveland Institute of Art
  • Virginia Marti College of Art & Design

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