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Our Latest Work

  • Creative South

    Creative South is one of the premier art and design events in the Southeast. It started four years ago as a grassroots event. Unlike any other conference, Creative South...

  • Black & Tannery

    The client wanted us to  build a brand that stands on its own – mixes old school style and craftsmanship with modern design and technology.  While some of their...

  • The Letter J

    Was honored to be asked to do Typefight a while back against the talented Mr. James Blevins. It was a fun exercise and a great battle. Enjoyed it and hoped to get asked...


We have a passion for telling your story. Your brand – from your logo to your website – tells your customers who you are. Your passion. Your values. Your commitment to quality. Is your brand telling the right story?

  • Start-Up Branding

    New companies have a lot of ideas and a lot of energy, and we think that’s exciting. We love taking your vision for your company and starting from scratch to help you develop everything you need to make your company stand out. As we go through our discovery process, we can help identify your needs. We will create consistency across all these needs so everything that represents your new business does it well

  • Brand Refresher

    Is your brand a little stale? Maybe a little outdated? Or maybe it’s inconsistent across all your platforms? Let us evaluate your current brand to make sure it’s working as hard as you are. We can recommend updates and identify gaps in your branding

  • Web & App Development

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We build Relationships! Southern.

Meet The Team

Don’t you hate feeling anonymous? Us, too. That’s why we consider our business partnerships relationships. We want you to know who you’re working with, and that we have experience you can trust. We’re a southern company based in Georgia, where it really does get that hot and folks really do say “y’all.” We take our BBQ, church values, and college football seriously – almost as seriously as we’ll take your business.

  • mike

    Mike Jones

    CEO & Co-Founder

    I Love Jesus, my sweet wife & kids, being creative, drawing, designing & Logos! Throw in sports & food, esp. good Southern BBQ – life gets no better! #Blessed

  • dan

    Daniel Severns


    Daniel has a weird sense of humor and is addicted to coffee. He takes the most pride in seeing something he helped create bring joy to the person using it.

  • Peter Deltondo

    Peter Deltondo


    I am a Christ Follower, Husband & Bearded Gentlemen, Graphic Designer, Photographer, & Foodie. In that order…Founder of @designvscancer

  • rob

    Rob Davarnia


    I have been working on WordPress, Ruby on Rails & other open source platforms to develop highly scalable web applications. I turn coffee into code.

  • fran

    Francesca Hernandez

    Marketing Consultant

    I was born and raised in the SF Bay Area and moved to the south in 1999. I embrace the best of both coasts, especially when it comes to creativity and projects.

  • matt

    Matt Gillespie


    I push buttons on cameras.

  • jodi

    Jodi Marie Hicks

    Project Consultant / Copy Writer

    Preacher, Teacher, Evangelist, Author, Artist, Entrepreneur

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